BRS is not just a Shul, it is a community

As we often say, BRS is not just a Shul, it is a community. Our goal is to cultivate a culture in which people don’t feel I am a member of BRS, but rather, I am a member of the BRS community. What is the difference between being a Shul and being a community?


A shul is a place to attend classes, davening, events, programs and activities. A community is so much more. It is a family that celebrates with you, mourns with you, provides support, love, and a sense of mission. BRS’s mission is to invite Jews of all backgrounds, levels of knowledge, observance and diversity to participate in our modern orthodox, Zionist community committed to the study and observance of Torah, to outreach and to contributing to the world around us.

We feel deeply honored and proud that our community is not limited to Montoya Circle. Firstly, there are individuals and families that identify with our mission and our sense of community and therefore attend BRS despite the distance from their home. But secondly, our community transcends Montoya Circle because of our wonderful satellite, BRS West.

Since its inception, BRS West has provided its members a ‘small community’ feel, while at the same time being part of a larger mission, vision and affiliation. BRS West members are full partners in the BRS family, participating in our programming, leadership and activities. We are profoundly proud and feel indebted to the BRS West families who through their commitment to BRS’s sense of community and mission have expanded our border and our reach westward. We are also grateful to Hillel Day School and their leadership who have been gracious hosts and generous sources of support in hosting BRS West on their campus.

This Sunday, under the outstanding leadership of Rabbi Mordechai and Hadassah Smolarcik, BRS West together with BRS will be celebrating a major milestone, the dedication of the BRS West Beit Midrash in the new middle school building at Hillel Day School. Shacharit will take place in the old Beit Midrash at 8:00 am after which the Sifrei Torah will be accompanied into the new Beit Midrash. A light brunch will follow.

Please join me in attending this momentous occasion and showing our full support to the BRS West branch of our family. May we celebrate many more milestones together, in partnership, for years to come.

Shabbat Sholom